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Heart of God Israel Writing Contest Results Are In … Congratulations to the Winners!

Tweet   “My People Israel” Writing Contest Results The judges have spoken and the results have been tallied. Congratulations to the winners of our first writing competition! First Place Amazing Grace by Mary McKinney Second Place The Incident by Sara-Beth Ott Third Place Thoughts Before I Sleep by Maria Taormina Honorable Mention Athalia by Edith more »

The Love Filter

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Tweet It’s been my experience that most Christians approach Bible reading much the same, myself included. I was a fairly typical young minister—pastor’s kid all my life, teaching Sunday School way too early, graduating from Bible College, and jumping right into the fire of ministry. And I, like most, had a good understanding of Scripture more »

“My People Israel” Writing Contest

Tweet   We are so moved by the entries we have received so far for this unique and timely writing contest.  With Israel in the daily news, our attention is constantly being drawn to the politics of the war.  One thing the news often fails to communicate is the very personal impact of terrorism … more »

Inside of the Gaza Struggle by Perry Stone Jr.

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Tweet During my 29 years of traveling to the Holy Land in 34 trips, I have never been in or near the Gaza strip. Gaza in Biblical history, was the land of the ancient Philistines, a large tribal group that included the coastal areas of Israel from the border of the desert with Egypt, and more »

Happy Purim!

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Tweet Chag Sameach!  Happy Holiday!  Purim is just around the corner.  So the next obvious question is, what’s Purim, right? Purim is the celebration of the deliverance of the people of God from the wicked man Haman.  We find this celebration declared by Queen Esther in the book of Esther. “And Mordechai recorded these things more »

Discipleship is Jewish!

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Tweet January 2013 It’s a new year with many new things going on in Heart of God Israel!  As a man who LOVES to study and teach, I am honored to have the opportunity to share this first Monthly Messianic Messages teaching newsletter with you!  But, rather than taking a lot of your valuable time more »

Rejoice, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)…

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Tweet Sometimes, nothing more than the Word of Adonai is needed to bolster our confidence that the day is coming when Israel will indeed rejoice. Much ado is being made over Jerusalem, and it has become a burdensome stone-Zechariah 12:3. Nations are in an uproar and seeking to divided God’s Holy City. But hear the more »


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Tweet (A view of modern day Yerushalayim) A late autumn sun shone through the dark clouds hanging over Yerushalayim. Rain had come to the land of Y’hudah, softening the hard packed dirt. People were out and about, taking care of life’s demands, unaware that the very Author of Life was in their midst. Through the more »

Egypt’s President Joins in Prayer for Destruction of ‘Jews and Their Supporters’

Tweet Egypt President Mohammed Morsi participating in prayers that urge Allah to “destroy the Jews and their supporters.”  (ACLJ) Dangers continue to increase for Christians and Jews in Egypt. News reports are saying that the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood, now President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi “participated in prayers over the weekend in which more »

The Feast of the Tabernacles … The Season of Our Joy

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Tweet The Feast of Tabernacles the Season of Our Joy The Festivals The Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths, as the name implies) is one of the three “pilgramige” festivals mandated by God in the Old Testament.  Leviticus 23 teaches that along with the weekly Sabbath day, the Israelites are to observe the festival of Pesach more »

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