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Cancer Grows Cradle-Catholic’s Faith

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by Anne Borrelli

Good Friday was a day I planned on attending noon services at our church, not having a breast biopsy.  Prayer was definitely in my heart and mind, asking God to help me into whatever was to happen.

The following Monday, my family doctor, (a member of our church),  gave me the news: Breast Cancer.

After arranging for a consultation with a surgeon and oncologist, he told me he and his office would keep me in their prayers.

I always felt I had a strong faith but knew in the back of my mind I should get closer to God.   Life, marriage, job and kids always seemed to take priority over God.   I went to church on Sunday and felt that was “good enough”.

Boy, was I wrong.

They say a life changing experience brings you closer to God. Fear of what was ahead of me definitely had me on my knees begging the dear Lord to help me and show me the best direction for my treatment.

While the clinic my family doctor sent me to provided me a treatment plan that made sense and gave me a good prognosis, I felt God was telling me to go elsewhere.  Two friends who had gone through breast cancer treatment urged me to consult with a different treatment center … the one they had used.As they talked to me about their experiences, I felt a calm come over me.  God was telling me where to go.

I went to that second cancer treatment center and it was there I felt God’s presence with the doctors and nurses.  A few weeks before my surgery while at Sunday mass, I asked God if I was making the right choices for my treatment.  A few moments later I saw my surgeon and his family. I had no idea that he and his family were members of my church!  I knew at that moment God was showing me this was where I needed to be for my healing.

A few of my friends gave me books of thoughts and devotions to help me cope with my concerns and fears.  Before I began my chemotherapy, my daughter came home with a small book she had received at youth group.  It was a book of  “Healing Scriptures”. 

The author had been diagnosed with cancer and daily read the same healing Bible passages.  She had great faith in Jesus Christ and knew His word to be true.  I read these scriptures during my treatment and know that Jesus is also healing me.  Music has also helped me not lose faith.  It never fails that at a weak moment a song has come on the radio to lift me up and show me His grace and love.  A favorite song reminds me often that “He might let me bend, but he won’t let me break”.

A co-worker asked if I accepted Christ in my life.

At the time, I was a bit taken aback at her question.  Of course I accepted Christ, I am a cradle Catholic, attended parochial school for 8 years, attend church every Sunday and sing in the choir!

But as I began to read the healing scriptures, I realized perhaps I really did not have Jesus in my life.  I did not bring him into my everyday life, I tried to handle everything on my own.  Jesus I knew, would heal my cancer if I asked, prayed and had faith.  But He was helping me understand He is there for me in ALL things, including everyday day struggles.

He began to show me to just “LET GO & LET GOD”.


Anne BorrelliAnne Borrelli is a married mother of three from Indiana who has worked in a dental office her whole career.  She has successfully gone through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation following her breast cancer diagnosis.

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