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Bumper Crop

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Bumper Crop By Jan Ackerson

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Report to Beelzebub:
You told me to report to you with regularity, My liege—and so I grovel at your feet And tell you—we’re experiencing superb prosperity. Quite soon, we’ll harvest souls as ripe as wheat.
We’ve fertilized the field of souls with cheap vulgarity
(If you’ll allow—I’ll keep the metaphor) And we have found that faithlessness will feed barbarity. A bumper crop is what we have in store!
We’ve used more subtle methods, too—like insincerity, Which wounded souls soak up. They grow like weeds. Your Lowness—we have also found a similarity: Hypocrisy will nurture bitter seeds.
So Lucifer—please pardon my familiarity— The other imps and I have a request. We’d like to have a bash, enjoy some high hilarity When all the souls are gathered, gleaned, processed.The Redeemer interrupts: Hold on, you little demon—let me speak with clarity. That harvest isn’t yours—each soul’s now free. I’ve purchased them with blood, and look! With faith and charity My workers have been gathering them to me.
They now enjoy abundant life, my sweet prosperity, Complete with hope and love, fulfillment, too. My blessings rain upon them now, for all posterity, So let them be. Just scamper off now. Shoo!Jan Ackerson is a Christian who has journeyed through grief, loss, and depression by God’s faithfulness and grace. She has been married for over thirty years to her prince, and they have two adult daughters.

Teaching is the family business–Jan teaches English to high school students with learning disabilities, and both daughters are also teachers. A terrible accident in her youngest daughter’s late teens was the event that sent Jan into depression, as the family dealt with the emotional and physical difficulty of living with a loved one with a spinal cord injury. Thanks be to God–who has graced the entire family with emotional and spiritual healing.

Jan’s writing abilities are exceptional as she is frequently included in the Editor’s Choice winners at FaithWriters.  Some of her most recent work can be found on  Individual links to some of her most recent work are provided here for easy reference:

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