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He told me his name was Buddy. He said that his parents had dedicated him to the devil when he was a baby. “Look into my eyes”, he said, “There’s nothing there, only emptiness”. I had to agree with him although I knew the real Buddy was in there somewhere.

I was a worker with Open Air Campaigners, a street evangelism ministry in Auckland, New Zealand. I had turned up to the designated location for our regular Thursday night ministry expecting to see the open sided caravan in place and fellow workers setting up the microphones and sound system. Instead, the spot was deserted, no sign of staff or equipment.

I stood there trying to decide whether I should wait for a while or go home. Had the location been changed and the message not gotten to me? That’s when Buddy arrived, he came around the corner and walked straight up to me. He acted as though he was drunk and kept reaching his hand out to take hold of my shirt front, but I noticed that he was not able to follow through with action. It came to my mind that it was the power of God stopping Him from touching me.

He told me about himself, then said. “I’m going to a meeting in that church over there to stir things up, come with me and we’ll make a nuisance of ourselves”. With what he had told me about himself I decided that the meeting was probably a good place for him to be. I said I was a Christian and that I would not go in with him but would accompany him to the door and vouch for him to get him in. The person at the door welcomed Buddy in and I went home.

I found out later that the entire Open Air Campaigners team was in that meeting and the outreach had been spontaneously cancelled because everyone wanted to see the Agape Force.  Agape Force was a group from the U.S. that God was using powerfully in deliverance ministry. I was told at our next prayer meeting that as soon as Buddy took his seat the spirits in him began to call out and make a great disturbance. They got him down to the front for ministry and it took three men to hold him.

Apparently God used Agape Force to get a lot of the spirits out of him but not all of them. I believe it was a step along the path of Gods plans for Buddy. Upon thinking about it later I realized I had seen Gods power in action. Here was a man who was not a Christian, who was in a similar condition to the Gadarene demoniac that Jesus set free, drawn by Gods power to the last place the spirits in him wanted to go which was a powerful deliverance ministry. Added to that was the fact that he walked up to me, just a person standing on a street corner, not knowing I was a Christian and I was able to aid him in getting to where God wanted him to be.

I prayed for Buddy for a long time after that, though I never saw or heard of him again. I often think of it as an example of what God can do for somebody who will be saved if given a fair chance.


Ross Thompson is a 67 year old single man who has been a Christian for over 40 years.  Born in New Zealand, Ross currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.  His passion is helping believers to understand and receive who they truly are in Christ and all that Jesus has given to us.  His past includes pastoral work, children’s ministry, lecturing at a Bible College, theology and ministry education, and street evangelism.  Reaching the lost is something utmost on his mind.  You can find Ross here:

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