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Christians Join Hands to Protect Muslims as They Pray During Cairo Protests

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Striking photos of unity have emerged from the chaos in Egypt as Christian protesters stood together to protect Muslims as they prayed.

A group of Christians joined hands and faced out surrounding hundreds of Muslims protesters left vulnerable as they knelt in prayer.

The photos were taken in Cairo by Nevin Zaki.

She shared the images over Twitter, writing, ‘Bear in mind that this pic was taken a month after z Alexandria bombing where many Christians died in vain. Yet we all stood by each other.’

The suicide bombing, shortly after the New Year’s Day, killed 23 Coptic Christians, who make up 10percent of Egypt’s 80 million person population.

Muslim radicals have been blamed.

One Colorado resident posted an email online that he received from his mother, who is Cairo visiting her daughter, the poster’s sister.

She described a scene like those captured in the photos.

‘I am hoping to turn out an impressionist painting of the scene of Tahrir Square with tens of thousands of protesters in it in front of a huge government building at night. The largest protestant church in Egypt, Kassar Debara, is hidden behind it.

‘Some Muslims have been guarding Coptic churches while Christians pray, and on Friday, Christians were guarding the mosques while Muslims prayed.’

She also described the challenges of trying to leave the country.

‘I am asking God to help me find a way to the airport. Gas stations have been rather closed… Please pray for the helpless and hopeless in Egypt.’

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