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Did you ever end-up loving something that you actually despised for several years? For instance, I didn’t like spinach very much growing up, but I like it now and often put it on my sub sandwiches. Others of us have said we’d never do social media, and now we’re hooked checking our status several times a day.

One of my fears as a kid was to walk barefoot outdoors, so I didn’t even try like my siblings. As a person with a disability, I need the support that my shoes and braces give me to help me ambulate with my walker. My feet were also very sensitive as a youngster making standing on some surfaces difficult. Recently, I decided to try taking a shoeless scroll outdoors in grass and sand. I loved it!

In the popular song, “Give Me Your Eyes,” Artist Brandon Heath asks God to give him eyes to see hurting humanity. Brandon reminds us that there are people we pass everyday who needs God’s loving touch.

The Bible tells the story about how the Jews who survived the exile struggled greatly. Hanani shared with his brother Nehemiah how Jerusalem’s wall was broken and the gates had been burned. This unfortunate news tugged on Nehemiah’s heart and led him to prayer. God burdens Nehemiah’s heart to come alongside his fellow Jews and help to rebuild the wall. With much determination, they finished the wall in the face of strong opposition. It was truly the hand of God that made the difference!

Although I once thought traveling would be challenging, God is using me to share across the United States about how He wants to take something difficult such as disability and reveal His glory. In the process, God has burdens for people who may not have “disabilities” but they do have challenges nevertheless. I’m so glad the Lord is our strength no matter the difficulty.

Moses could not experience more of God until he willingly laid his limitations or sandals (see Exodus chapter three). Barefoot walking encourages me to be open and not be afraid to try something “different” because He may use it as a blessing. Many times I need to walk through gravel, which is difficult, before I get to the sand that is more comforting.

May the Lord open your heart and fill it with compassion for those who may need His touch today. God will use you powerfully as you lay aside your shoes.


 Bradley Mattrisch

Special Touch National Coordinator of Support Ministries

As a result of a delay in breathing for 26 minutes at birth, he has Cerebral Palsy. Brad has been involved with the Special Touch Summer Get Away Program since the summer of 1982. At the first Get Away, he sensed God calling him to help people understand the Bible.

Brad later earned a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Management Computer Systems as well as a Bachelors of Arts degree Bible & Theology. After graduation, he participated in several ministry activities with his church and Special Touch. Brad was given the opportunity to learned about church planting as well as speak and teach. After working for several years in Information Technology with a large consulting company, he decided to make his ministry hobby his full-time calling.

Despite Brad’s disability, he is an U.S. Missionary Associate as well as an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. Brad now oversees the ministry’s Pastoral Care department that includes a fair amount of writing and speaking. He wants to develop friendships with others that need encouragement and Biblical counsel. Brad also coordinates the ministry’s Information Technology needs. He lives with his cats, Penny and Oreo, as well as his dog, Daisy, in Appleton, Wisconsin. Brad currently attends Radiant Fellowship in Waupaca, WI.

Brad has a message to share with the church, especially to those who face challenges. Brad’s sermons are often accompanied with laughter, tears, and lives touched by God. He writes a manuscript and transfers it to a PowerPoint presentation which is projected, so the congregation can follow along as he speaks.

Contact Information:
715-258-2713 (office) (email)

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