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So Where Does God Fit In?

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Tweet I often meet up with people who are turned off by any mention of God. Many of them are amazingly generous; willing to do anything for anybody; while some stand rigidly opposed to the idea that God could even exist. The turn-off often revolves around personal pain or wider realities: like disasters or how more »

Fired Up – For Keeps

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Tweet The London Olympics wrapped up sixteen days of competition in a sound and light extravaganza, dazzling thousands of spectators and competitors in the stadium, and millions in the world-wide audience. A special moment came as the towering Olympic Torch was lowered, spreading out to reveal how metallic flower petals had each carried gas-fed flames more »

All That Glitters…

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Tweet “Gold!” As sparkling specks shone out of the gravel in our pan, my grandson got excited. He had earlier held a two-hundred-thousand-dollar gold ingot, but this was different. He’d had to return the ingot; but these gold specks were his for keeps! We were panning for gold in the creek at Sovereign Hill, one more »

A Problem With Dirty Curtains?

Tweet Even in her nineties, my wife’s grandmother was a cheerful pillar of strength. But she learned early. When her father was Geelong’s mayor, her mother died suddenly. As the eldest daughter but still a teenager, there were times when Gran had to assist in formal functions! Seventy years later, a beautifully-inscribed appreciation certificate still more »

Check Your Belief System

Tweet Epic novelist Leo Tolstoy, from considering people’s intricacies and intrigues, described us as “made with a God-shaped vacuum which only God can fill.” Since this vacuum holds our beliefs and values, it’s worth checking them with how God shows His belief in us.     ·         God offers us a world of possibilities, and intelligence, imagination and intuition more »

Science and Faith – Powerful Allies

Tweet   Star Trek’s tele-transportation system could soon be here, according to high-profile Australian physicist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki; after scientists isolated the Higgs boson sub-atomic particle. This microscopic speck – interacting with an invisible energy field that stretches throughout the universe, enabling matter to attain mass – has been given the nickname “God-particle.”   Scientific research is constantly uncovering more »

The Big Offer

Tweet Some generosity is hard to resist…. A recent mail message told me I’d won three million pounds in an English lottery – without buying a ticket. A couple of days later a Nigerian bank wanted to load me down with an extra ten million dollars. Both offers required my bank details… Aware that others’ more »

Let’s Make Room for Each Other

Tweet On-line shopping’s retail revolution is causing traditional marketing heavyweights some major headaches.    Major shopping centres and supermarkets once replaced local corner stores, and made door to door deliveries of milk and bread or meat obsolete, by offering easier access to a greater range of goods. Off-street parking for increasing numbers of cars and greater more »

Time Stands Still – While Life Goes On

Tweet  On June 6th at Ballarat Observatory I watched the transit of Venus – a small black dot passing across the Sun. Time briefly disappeared for me, as I realised that Captain James Cook had visited Tahiti to view this event on June 3rd 1769,. While homeward bound, Cook explored eastern Australia and New Zealand. A good more »

From a Loss to a Legacy

Tweet Parents who outlive their children experience tragedy that cuts across all expectations. For parents of children with long-term illnesses or severe birth defects, vulnerability is always lurking; yet no amount of warning signs will place them beyond griefs reach. But if loss strikes without warning, trauma infuses tragedy with unanswerable questions, even though no more »

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