Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Choose Life

Tweet The people perish without a vision. IAM that vision. Stop seeking after things. You will not find Me in things; but you will find snares and sin and satan there. Do I say seek things, not God or do I say seek His Kingdom and righteousness? Things are temporary. I AM eternal. Will you more »


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Tweet   COME Come along child, Come and see… I have something for you, Not the torment you expect, or the trials you have heretofore endured It is something exquisite, rare, of immeasurable value It is MY heart Yes, this is the treasure I want you to see, taste and touch Be not afraid of more »

Regret is Not Your Home

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Tweet It is time to leave regret, for the past is not your home You are not a product of regret, you are the fruit of My Son, The apple of My eye, The seed of Abraham, The very reason I sent him on a journey far from home to an unknown destination, You are more »

Glass Cased Hearthttp://www.journezine.com/wp-admin/edit.php

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Tweet Your heart in a museum for safe-keeping… when you are wounded that is what happens But a heart is made to feel and touch and love A heart carries ME within its confines A heart is for sharing, not safe keeping   Only I can guard your heart from the wounds & lies & more »

Because of the Cross

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Tweet BECAUSE OF THE CROSS   Because of the Cross, you are My Promised Land… Promised before time began Because of the Cross, My love is now a resident of your heart Because of the Cross what My Son accomplished can never be rescinded… Blood poured out can never be returned to its source Agony more »

For You That I Came

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Tweet Do you know why I came? For you that I came… For you a baby, poor and small to save those poor and unnoticed by  man I came, I came for you, for you   Do not forget, do not dwell on the past I came for you, for you In swaddling clothes… rags more »

My Plans

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Tweet Plans from ME unfold, Plans from you are made and written and expected. My plans are not of that nature, I SPEAK and the world is created, You wory and your world is made a mess by wrong thinking, mislaid plans foolish decisions and fearful steps. My plans are higher than yours and you more »


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Tweet MASTERPIECE You are MY Masterpiece ~ Does not a Masterpiece require many brushstrokes, much thought, thorough planning, sometimes tedious detail and laborious effort?   Well you are such a Masterpiece… I color you with MY brush I tend to every detail every nuance about you ensuring all is perfect I wash and scrape off more »

For His Name Sake

Tweet Jesus Christ of Nazareth who gave ALL for all of you Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the express image of the Father His heart is not weighed down as if burdened by His sacrifice No, instead it is filled with joy You are not a burden to ME.  You are MY Joy.  My Treasure. The one to whom I AM your more »

The Impossibility of Controlling God

Tweet This is a video teaching by Jessie Campbell.   My love affair with the Lord began on a small island off of Australia. He revealed the depth of His love. Opened my heart to what the Cross actually achieved and what He had to pay to accomplish such a final solution. Separating Himself from more »

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