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Adventures Through South Africa

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Adventures Through South Africa
By Elisabeth Coffel

Africa is the land with the wildest animals; you can see a python at your house everyday! But in the end South Africa is a great, fun place to visit or to stay at. Back before I was born B.C. African people sacrificed animals and burned trees, because they thought their sins would be carvings, drawings, painting, jewelry, baskets, and tons more. They usually used wood and metal to make most of their sculptures; South African sculptures are usually animals forgiven that way.
All in all information about South Africa: Africa is the most artistic place in Africa. They make their own furniture, and faces. They also love to draw animals, traditional dancing and writing poems. South African people love dancing to reggae mixed with hip hop.
Secondly education for all ages in South Africa: In early Africa they took education away from kids because they did not have books, paper, and text books. But now some kids are learning a higher education in South Africa, then some public schools in America!
There are 3,400 kids in every private school. The congress gives the books and etc to the kids so they can work; now South African kids can dream about the future they’ll have.
Different from American recreation time: African kids love to play sports, but not like us, they would rather play ruby or cricket instead of basketball and football. South African kids love some things that we like, such as: racing cars, bowling, swimming, soccer, and also tennis. The girls love to dance; they work hard at what they do and love dancing at the recitals. But the guys mostly like to play rough games like soccer and cricket.
One reason why we should learn more about South African food: Some people eat with the fork in the left and the knife in the right hand, but there still are some people that like eating with their hands on leaves! The men bring the food for the wives to cook it for the family to eat. On festivals they dance, eat, drink wine. This would sound gross to us, but they like to eat lambs head, and spicy rice with chicken. In South Africa there are some vegetarians because a snake or cow is a god to some, but they usually eat bugs, fruit and vegetables, salad, and other healthy things like that.
In the end South Africa is a great place to stay or visit at. I learned that a family there eats together every night! The cool thing is all the traditional dances they have on special days. Their holidays are different and they don’t look the same but we should learn from that. Help them out by sending missionaries and clothes and medicines down to where the poor areas are at and some people don’t really want to go to. We could go down there and tell them about our loving God, and just help them out.
They don’t really know the real truth, they just know what they were taught, but we should show them what the truth is really.
Elisabeth Coffel (age 13) lives in Illinois with her family.

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