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A Wide Christmas

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Wide Christmas
by Jeanice McDade
 (Narrated in my best “Lucy” voice)
Are you beginning to look like a member of the Clause family? Are you nuzzled in on the couch, not because of inclement weather, but because it would take a crane and a wheel barrel to get you outside? Hmmmm, sounds like my house during the holidays.
Would you rather have the energy of one of the reindeer (I do, I do!)?   Would you rather have photographs of you and the family making a snow man (uh huh, yep, yep–vote “yes” here) or a picture of you in the kitchen where you Do I REALLY want to look like this?resemble that other white, round, guy (poke me in the tummy, am I done)?
Do your Christmas carols reflect cookies and extended mealtime?  “I’m dreaming of a wiiiiiiiiiiide Christmas” ?
Okay, enough silly humor. I have spent too many holidays in the kitchen!! This year I am going to make a concentrated effort to set a healthy example and family tradition of actually going outside after our meal to enjoy God’s creation.
I remember as a child, wanting to go outside in the stillness and look at the stars or play in the snow. If we have snow, great! If we do not, then my family is going to head out and take a walk anyway. What a nice memory it will make for all of us… the dishes can wait (ha!). I want to talk and sing and explore with my family. Who knows, maybe we will be able to wave at a neighbor or share some Christmas excitement with someone we may not normally see. Do I expect some grumbling? Well…… perhaps we have been too A White Christmas or a Wide Christmascomplacent over the years, all the more reason to change our lives and attitudes.
Glory to God?   I really DO want to glorify God in all that I do. This year, my family will celebrate the gift of a Savior with a new focus.
Some tips for helping with “holiday overload” at mealtime…
Leave the food in the kitchen on the counter and stove. Eat buffet style. Your eating area will be cleaner and you can enjoy conversation without having a lot of clutter on the table. You will also be less tempted to fill your plate again if you have to get up from the conversation to do it.
Remember when “mom” told you not to “wiggle” at the table? Ha! Bounce those legs if you want to, honey, keep the blood circulating. Who can listen to “Feliz Navidad” without moving anyway?
Let everyone know early on that the family will be taking a walk after dinner, to enjoy one another and stretch your legs. Younger kids will be especially excited. Encourage the teens to leave their cell phones behind.
Resist the temptation to graze all day long. Remember to eat only when you are hungry or if you can’t do that, then at least stick with (sort of) regular eating times.
Cook smaller portions of food. Use less sugar or use a light sugar or sugar substitute. Cut back on butter and salt. Encourage more water consumption; limit yourselves to one glass per meal of anything else.
You know what to do!! Small steps is okay, you will feel so much better going to bed exhausted from activity and not because you can’t make it up the stairs to your bedroom!
Happy memories and God bless you this holiday season!

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