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A Rhyme In God’s Time

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by Randy Dutton


Poetry first reached out to me in high school when I found myself  penning  “situational” five-line limericks, yielding entertainment and laughs.  A creative writing class honed my skills and from that point on, I learned using poetry for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions was an effective way to reach out and help people “feel” things. Countless male friends used something I had written to “schmooze” their favorite gal!

Way back then, I had no idea what God had planned for my rhymes.

Most memorable to me in the earlier years were the poems I had written to my then girlfriend and now, my late wife, Alice.  In recent years I became the “Christmastime Poet,” using poetry to give clues about Christmas gifts in our family.  Times between, my poetry went unwritten.

Upon Alice’s passing in November 2012, I looked back upon a collection of “schoolboy” rhymes that only had meaning to us.  That reflection prompted me to post one of them on her Facebook page as I started the healing process of living without her.

God used that one post to inspire me to start writing poetry again. 

A title would come to me and I would hurriedly write it down so as to be able to transform it into a collection of words.  Collectively, the words were meant to express what I was feeling at the time.  Facebook became my publishing outlet.  After a number of Facebook posts over a few weeks, I figured it was time to give it up.

It was then I discovered not only were the poems helping me, they were helping others cope with whatever life had thrown them as well.

God’s cases in point:

  • My mother’s cousin revealed my poems were “right on” for soothing, comforting and helping her cope with the loss of her husband. They shared life together for more than 56 years.
  • My sister heard a friend talking about “some guy posting poems that were helping her cope.”  The friend found my poems, meant to be my grief release, helpful in her own grief journey after losing her sister.  When my sister revealed to her friend I was the “some guy,” the friend pleaded with my sister to tell me to keep writing.

God was helping me realize others were reading my poems and identifying similar emotions in their own lives.  “Universal appeal” one Hospice volunteer put it.  Baring my soul is what I call my writing.

Do You Think of Me

Do you think of me in the evening when you go to clean your wings?
I know I keep you busy when that angel’s time clock rings.
My tasks are getting smoother as I adjust to moving on,
it’s still so hard to think about you actually being gone.

Friends all call to check on me, and tell me its alright,
to laugh and cry or talk to them, to fall asleep at night.
Whatever helps it happen, they try to see me through
my life as it unfolds ahead, while living without you.

Do you think of me in the morning, as I rise to face the day?
By now you know my daily path as God helps me find my way.
I always keep it simple, so as not to take a fall.
I’m actually doing well you see, in dealing with it all.

I know you are in heaven, with daily tasks to keep,
I only hope you’ll come again and see me in my sleep.
In thought and prayer I fill you in on all I do and see,
It’s really quite apparent, you often think of me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your Reflection

As I look in the mirror all I see is your face.
It must come to me from a much greater place.
Could I be dreaming as you come into view?
I know we were one and never just two.

In trying to ponder your face in the mirror,
I must figure out if you’re actually here.
I know you have left us, but your spirits remain.
Maybe I’m crazy and going insane!

The mirror doesn’t lie, but I seem to recall,
when I think of reflection, it won’t show it all.
With our hearts as a window to show what we feel,
we’re bound to see something, even if it’s not real.

From my eye’s closest corner, I catch just a flash
of you possibly making a family room dash.
As you went by the window, in no set direction,
I want you to know I saw your reflection.


I believe God has given me this gift to follow a purpose He had given me years ago … to help others connect with their emotions, sometimes buried deep.  When things in my life seem to have no reason, God will give me a rhyme.


Randy Dutton  Randy Dutton followed in his father’s writing footsteps.  His father, Bob Dutton, authored numerous Bible studies in addition to other publications.  Randy reconnected with his poetry writing roots after losing his wife Alice to cancer in 2012.  His family time is now filled with his two sons, their wives and a total of three grandchildren. Contact Randy via email at


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One Response to “A Rhyme In God’s Time”
  1. Sylvia says:

    Randy, I love reading your poems and it helps me stay connected to you (and Alice) from afar. I am not real creative but at the lowest time in my life it was how I learned to deal with my emotions and work through them. Most of them are dark poems… maybe one day I will return to it but it only seems to come to me when my emotions are very high…or low. I miss you. Thank you for following through and allowing us to share in your journey at the same time ministering to who knows how many with your words. Take Care! I look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

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