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A Matter of Time

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A Matter of Time
By Suellen Fry-Washington


It was her time to go. She knew it was only a matter of minutes and she would meet Jesus. Why were there so many people standing near her bed? They seemed to be making such a fuss over her. If only …she could speak.

She had been lying in the same hospital bed now for 6 months, unable to speak or even move for that matter. A car accident took her from her family and everything she knew. For 6 months now she watched as folks came to visit. She could tell who was going to walk in the room before they even entered. Everyone owned their own footstep. She recognized the next footstep that was about to enter her room. It was her father. His foot step was slow and steady, somewhat guarded. He had been this way all of his life. He could barely speak to her, let alone tell her he loved her.

Over the past 30 years their relationship had dissipated. She wished she could tell him good-bye and that she loved him. He entered the room, looking older than she remembered. The man she remembered was strong and healthy. He worked hard all of his life to support a wife and 8 children. Even into his 70’s he still looked young for his years. But today…he looked frail and withered, much like a tree as it ages with time. If only she could have spoken a word or two. She tried to move her mouth one last time…but she couldn’t. She wanted to tell him it was okay. He didn’t have to be angry anymore. He could let go now. She wanted to reach out and grab his hand one last time. She wanted to tell him that he must forgive himself. She knew that he spent most of her life angry with her.

He sat down next to his dying child. She could see nothing but years of wrapped up pain in his worn out eyes. “C’mon Dad, I can’t hang on much longer I can see the light ahead, won’t you please let go? Do it for yourself, not for me.” The light was getting closer as she heard the echoes of a thousand angels’ in the distance. A white light illuminated the room. “C’mon dad it’s almost time for me to go now, you can do this.” Just then a beautiful, glowing angel sporting a 7 foot wing span entered the room. She knew it was time now but somehow still didn’t feel a sense of peace. Standing directly behind her dad,the angel placed his glorious wings around him until they hugged his chest. His back immediately straightened as he looked around the room trying to figure it all out.

That’s when it happened. Her father slowly whispered, “I love you, please forgive me.” The angel gently released his wings and willowed his way towards the bed. He picked her up as if she were weightless and began to carry her towards the light. Now…there was peace. As she looked back at the tear stained faces, her dad’s was the one that stood out from among the rest. He didn’t appear tired or frail. He stood up and turned as though he could see her being carried away. He looked proud and handsome. With one tear framing his face, he smiled and said, “thank you.”

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