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A Letter to a Brother in Christ

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A Letter To a Brother in Christ
By Trudy Belle

A letter to the ‘Man of the house’, who works so very hard to give his family a very good life.

Dear Brother in Christ,

You are away from your family and your home often for very long hours. You spend time in foreign countries or strange cities alone and away from your family and children a lot. In your heart you feel you are doing it for them, their education, to improve their lifestyle and so many other reasons that you alone know.

You get tired and exhausted and keep pushing yourself for those extra $$$ which you want to earn to provide for them. With pride you see your efforts have succeeded – your children are now at the best schools or universities, your wife can stay at home instead of working for another. Your mansion is stunning and you are able to provide all the comforts and luxuries for your family.

Brother, have you seen that they often don’t want what you give them and they rather have less of them and more of you?

Today I see an image of a well kept woman in a splendid home, dashing confident children and fancy cars in the driveway. I see many other things as the Lord Jesus brings it all to mind, but there is one person missing its YOU!

He shows me the pain of your wife every time you go away and the sadness in your children’s eyes who want there Dad by their side.

They look with envy at the house across the road. A middle class family frolic in the front yard. The Dad throws the baby in the air and she gurgles with joy “Dada, Dada”. Their little black dog barks ecstatic, while the Mum looks at her family with tenderness. He goes towards her, holding the baby and kisses her forehead and they all walk into the house together.

I see your wife at the window, tears rolling down her forehead and her right arm across your son; kissing him tenderly on his cheek as he too weeps. Its ok honey” she says “It will be okay; Daddy will come home soon and stay.”

She looks up to the heavens and whispers “Help Father! Help him not to work so hard. Tell him, we need him more than what he can give us. Bring Him home Lord.”

The Lord hears her cry and tells me to write to you

The rest dear Brother is up to you. Please go home there’s a family waiting for you.

May God bless you all and keep you forever united in love with Him as the head of your hearts and home.

Thru Him, With Him, In Him

Your sister in the Lord



Trudy Belle is a passionate believer and follower of the Lord Jesus. God uses her as an encourager to the world – to say ‘FEAR NOT! Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us. No matter what is going on – GOD’s in charge. Let’s keep praying and seeking Him for everything and live a holy life.

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