Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Blast Kills 4 and Injures More Than 60 in Karachi

On Tuesday morning two buses carrying Navy officials were attacked at DHA ( Defence Housing Authority) Phase II and Baldia Town in the southern port city of Karachi. According to initial reports 4 killed and over 60 injured. The four killed in the early morning attacks on the buses were navy officials including a lady doctor, a sub lieutenant, a sailor and a civilian employee said Commodore Farhan Ali. He said it was too early to say why the naval buses were targeted.

DSP (Deputy Superintendent Police) special branch said, “The bus carrying the naval staff was crossing the commercial area in the DHA Phase II, a remote bomb was planted in a motorbike parked near the road, as the bus reached the commercial area, the remote device exploded.” The blast reckoned the bus, commercial area and the windows of the surrounding Residential area.

Minutes latter the second bus attacked was reported from Baldia town a small colony in the south of the city. The remote explosive was planted in the rubble along the route of the bus. It ripped through the bus killing two people.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah reached the site and condemned the attack, he told the media, “There were reports of possible attacks on the military installations, we had increased the security of the high profile military installations, the buses were soft targets. The militants are trying to destabilize Pakistan , but they cannot damage our spirits, although today’s attacks indicate that the extremists are able to target the armed forces, but we are stronger and equipped to face the challenges.”

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday evening addressed the media, ” We have reports that the Talibans have claimed the responsibility of the attacks, we have gathered some vital clues that point towards the culprits, we will unmask the people responsible and will show them that we are more powerful. They think that by targeting the military installations in Karachi they can avenge the drone attacks, they are mistaken.”

Karachi is already in the grip of target killers, the government has been claiming that they have arrested the target killers, but have failed to stop the target killings. Analysts say Tuesday`s incident is clearly a security lapse, although the buses used by the armed forces are relatively soft target as they travel thorough the cities with little or no security.

On Saturday General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani addressing a ceremony of the cadets at the Kakul military academy had claimed that the Pakistan Army has broken the back bone of the militants across Pakistan and is working towards eliminating extremism. Pakistan has been facing the worst extremism from past several years in the war against terror.

Xavier Patras William
Life For All (Pakistan)

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