Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pray for Israel, for the Jewish people, and for Jerusalem

When I think of Israel, I think of the Psalms. King David penned the most beautiful descriptions of God’s land, and when I read them, I can picture the mountains and valleys, streams and deserts. I can see the oceans and hillsides, sunsets and sunrises. I hear praise and enter into the Temple with a thankful heart.

This is my Israel…land of my people ~ land of my God. This is the land the enemies of the Jewish people want to continue to occupy and eventually take over completely. Israel is surrounded by those who openly call for her destruction. I could be afraid, but for the written Word of God, which states He will fight for His land and destroy the nations that would come against her. Not slap their hands with a rebuke or sanctions, but destroy them.

Psalm 9:19,20: “Arise, O LORD, Do not let man prevail; Let the nations be judged in Your sight. Put them in fear, O LORD, That the nations may know themselves to be but men.”

And even more forcefully in Zechariah 12:9 “It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

David wrote in Psalm 122:6: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you.”

Jerusalem is the key to God’s Timetable for mankind. Keep your eyes on this city that will one day be visited by her King, Yeshua. For there will He set up His throne and rule the nations. Israel will truly become a beacon, a light to the world!

Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim… Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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