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2014 Christmas Contest: They Were Traveling On

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by Betty Overstreet

Betty OverstreetBetty Overstreet is a freelance Christian writer/songwriter.  She loves to write about her love of God through short stories, testimonies, poetry and songs. Ms. Overstreet has published seven books and is continuously working on one or more at any time.  She has discovered much satisfaction in creating the songs , which she considers to be gifts God presents to her to create and sing for Him. Her books are available at:  You may wish to visit her blog at:  Looking toward the light. Ms Overstreet is a member of the writers organization: Inspire Christian Writers.

They Were Traveling On

hey were traveling on , slowly toward Bethlehem, weary after so many days of riding and at times walking to give the donkey a rest.  It seemed the road would never end.  It was terribly hard on the children, to have to walk so far but they had no choice.  The decree went out from Caesar Augustus  that everyone from their village was to go to Bethlehem to register to be taxed.

Sarah tried not to complain but sometimes it just seemed so impossible to care for James and the children out in this wilderness.  To try and cook for a family of four on an open fire was hard but she was becoming quite good at that chore.

She had noticed the heavens seemed to be extremely light at night when they started out on the journey and wondered what was causing the difference.  Then, as she stood with James one evening she pointed to a star that seemed to be so much brighter than all the others.

“James, she asked, have you noticed that star?  It is so bright it lights up the night almost like day.”

“Yes, he replied, I noticed it last night and thought, the star is so bright we could almost travel night and day and be able to see our way.”

” No my love, we could not stay awake that long without rest and the children would surely become cranky.”

“I was only joking my dear, we all must have our rest  each night.”

The days continued to pass slowly as they traveled and Sarah began to have a strange feeling that something wonderful was going to happen, but she had no understanding of where the feeling was coming from .

She and James enjoyed the early evening together after the children were sleeping, continuing to watch and wonder about the brilliant star. It seemed to continue moving just ahead of them as though it was guiding them to their destination.

Finally, the day arrived when they reached the outskirts of the town of Bethlehem.  As they wondered past one inn after another they were unable to find a place to stay the night.  As they found a building at the edge of town where people seemed to be lying on their blankets, they decided to follow them and began to lay the children down.

Sarah stood in the early dusk , looking up toward the night sky and realized the bright star was directly over them.  She pointed to it and said, “James, can you believe it, the star is now right above us.?”

Little Norah rose up from her blanket and called out, “Mama, did you hear that crying baby?”

She shook her little brother Benjamin, and said, “Benny, listen, I hear a baby crying.  I wonder what house is in.  Maybe the mama will let us see it tomorrow.”

Mama answered, “Norah, are you sure you heard a baby crying?”

“Yes mama, I know it was a baby, I love little babies.”

“James, we must go and see where it is.  Perhaps the mama needs help.”  She grabbed his hand and began walking in the direction of the crying and soon realized it was coming from a stable.

As they reached the site where they heard the sound they realized a baby had been born, right outside and was lying in a manger . The baby was no longer crying, just making mewing little happy noises.  As they stood watching suddenly the star seemed to shine even brighter. They realized there were some shepherds standing close by who were exclaiming  what had been told them about this child.

They told of the Angel of the Lord coming upon them and the glory of the Lord shining round about them: and they were afraid.  And the angel told them that a baby would be born and it would be the Christ Child. That it would be in the city of David and the baby would be wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.  And they told that suddenly there was a multitude of angels  praising God and saying , “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men.’

Sarah and James fell to their knees as they heard the shepherds telling of the Angels appearing.  Sarah felt the children reaching for her hands and Norah whispered to her, “Mama, is this the baby you have told us was someday coming to save us?”  and Sarah replied, “Yes my child, this is indeed the Christ child and it is a miracle that God allowed us to be here in Bethlehem to view the baby in the manger.  We will never forget this wonderful gift  He has given us…

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