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2014 Christmas Contest: The True Miracle Gift of Christmas

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by Ginger Burow

Gigi @ Tea 2 

Ginger enjoys writing of all kinds. Writing is her passion; she is an outdoors person and prefers to be there in her spare time, she claims that is where she does her best writing. She has many published works. She is married, a mother of three, and a native of the Texas Hill Country.

The True Miracle Gift of Christmas

What a wonderful time, the Christmas season is. I have to admit, I am having trouble with the gift part. Even though I am going low key on them this year, I still can’t manage to find anything for people that I want. Oh well it will all come together as it should in the end, I am sure.

Even so, I am very excited about the coming Christmas holidays. I am practically giddy like a kid in a toy store, if you will pardon both these clichés. I have been in a wonderful mood and am happy and joyous.

Of course one, main reason, is because all my children will be home. That is reason enough for excitement. I just cannot wait to all be together.  My college girl will be home for a month. My Navy girl for 11 days, and my son is still here because he is only in high school, but I am so glad he is. The house will be full again.

Our plans are kind of up in the air as to where all we will be and what we will be doing and eating for the main days, but even so I am ready for the new experience of doing something different even if it is not as much by plan as by necessities caused by work schedules and family schedules. I do wish that certain others that are usually with us could be, but sometimes, things just are not to be.

For that reason I am trying to focus on the idea of being able to do something new and different with our holiday this year. I plan to ask the kids what they would like to have for Christmas dinner this year since we can have our choice of anything we want instead of the traditional, albeit that is an option too. We will actually be able to sleep late on Christmas morning since we won’t be rushing off anywhere and will have attended church the night before, which will be nice, even though we will all still wish we were going to Grandma’s like usual, but perhaps again next year.

We can play games, watch movies, go visit other people or have others over, or maybe even go see one of those new releases that come out on Christmas day, it is all an adventure of options at the moment. We can celebrate doing new things, not because we do not want to do the old things, but just because circumstances will not allow that this year.

For all of these things I am happy and excited, but for more than even that, I am happy and joyous because I know all these things are possible, not because of anything really that any of us have done, but because of the genuine reason for the Season, Christ Jesus the King and Savior of the world. He has made all these things and so many more possible.

He gave us the first gift of Christmas, Himself as a baby and then later as a sacrifice on the cross for our sins and shortcomings. He came, the ever perfect Lamb of God, to save all of us, the completely imperfect children of God. Complete perfection in place of total imperfection.

In doing this, He gave us the gifts of grace, forgiveness and eternal life without fear of separation from the Father. This miracle child born of a virgin at what we celebrate as Christmas time, this baby of both man and God, human, yet divine came that all who accept Him as their Savior might never perish but inherit eternal life.

That is the true miracle and tradition of Christmas to always be kept. The rest is just the spoils of a war that He came and won for each of us that call upon His name as Lord, Emmanuel!

So yes, I am happy and joyous this season because all that I mentioned before, is mine because they were given me by that Miracle Child born on Christmas to save the world.

He first gave his life as a gift for mine and bestowed His gifts of grace, and forgiveness on me in exchange.  Then He gave me further gifts in my family that I await seeing and all that we have and celebrate. God bless that Miracle Child of God, and thank you, Jesus for that first Christmas gift to us all that was and is You.

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