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2014 Christmas Contest: The Chosen

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by Richard Glover

Dick RoverRichard Glover is an unpublished author of many poems/short stories.  His love for writing started in college where he attended the University of Houston-Downtown.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  Being later employed at various theater companies across Houston fed his love for writing.  He writes from his soul or not at all.  He is a person still working to perfect his craft, even if he is his only audience.    

The Chosen

Let there be LIGHT and the earth was given birth.  Birds were in the air for the very first time.  Horses were free to roam with no riders.  The whales were the mightiest giants of the sea.  Nature’s sweet sound was that of music and the listeners were the Sun and the Moon.  The first appearance of harmony was at play.  Blessed peace stretched from North to South, from East to West.  Out of the dust soon came Man.  His name was Adam.  Following Adam was the Mother of us all, Eve.  The two of them loved like no other, for their love was unblemished and pure.  God was well pleased with what He had created.  A simple life Adam and Eve had, with all of their needs met.  There was no need for money.  No need for a house to be built.  No need for an umbrella.  No need to hunt for food. There was no sorrow, nor death.  The perfect utopia the Garden of Eden was.  Man had no fear of animals and the animals had no fear of Man.  Even the beauty of the plants never faded, for all living things were covered by the blessings of God.  With the blinking of an eye their world had changed.  A simple piece of fruit changed the direction of the whole entire world; for their generation and the generations to come.  Adam and Eve were escorted out of the Garden of Eden and could never return.  The eating of the forbidden fruit was the FIRST of all SINS, the ONE that flows through the blood of ALL living things to this very day.  DEATH was born amongst us and slavery itself.

Many roads have been traveled since the exiting out of the Garden of Eden.  The road traveled by Cain as an outcast; the road ridden across the sea by Noah; the road that led to Abraham’s son Isaac; the road that led Jacob back to Esau for forgiveness; the road that took a young man in a colorful robe named Joseph to becoming a powerful ruler in Egypt, and the road that led to the freedom of “God’s Chosen People” led by Moses.

Milk and honey sounded so sweet to the former slaves of Egypt (the Israelites).  The Promised Land offered hope and a new start.  God’s chosen people soon settled in, but they could not get comfortable.  Something was lacking from this so-called Promised Land, something that they felt they needed.  They requested a king, an earthly king.  Someone who would be the symbol of their kingdom, for all other kingdoms had kings.  God gave them what they so desired.  The list of their kings is a lengthy one.  Some kings were good and some……….not so good.  The kingdom of Israel was a house divided.  The Israelites on some days could be called victors and on other days captives.  They were traveling in the circles of a wilderness, the wilderness of their minds and hearts.  For the taste of the forbidden fruit lingered amongst them all.  Their sacrifices upon God were lacking, their sacrifices could not mend the relationship between God and Man any longer.

Through God’s love came a new hope that traveled the road of a bloodline all the way from Adam.  A child was to be born, the king of all kings, the perfect lamb.  He is to be the ultimate sacrifice.  This child was the Son of God and his name was to be called Jesus.  Through Jesus there is hope for Man once again.  Jesus is the LIGHT for ALL and His LIGHT shines for ALL to see!  The sweet sound of music can be heard again.  Out of the ground was Man formed, but from the heavens came the Son of God, the Son of Man.  Oh shout with joy children of the earth, for peace and blessedness is our future!  Rejoice children of the earth, for our Savior has been born!  A gift so special that it is offered to ALL!  Through Jesus we can be free from the chains of sin for we will no longer be slaves!  One door may close, but another shall be opened!  Look and see for yourself oh children of the earth!  Is not the Sun and Moon still there?  Jesus’ Salvation stretchers from the North and South, to the East and West!  Out of the wilderness to that of milk and honey one can be!  May we shine the light of Christ that is within us!  He is our doorway to a new Eden, our new Promised Land.  We are the CHOSEN, the believers in Christ who were born again!  Through this rebirth is a new beginning, a new start!  Let there be LIGHT!  Let there be LIGHT!  Let there be LIGHT!!!



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