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Sheep Among Wolves

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This week I was almost caught up in a scam.  It looked legitimate, to my unsuspecting, innocent, small-town,Central Illinoiseyes who wanted to make some extra money this summer.  I received an assignment: deposit a check into my ATM machine to test the efficiency of the bank, and then go to theWestern Unionto send money to a pretend family member and rate the transaction.  Afterwards, (joy of joys!) spend $100 at a department store and fill out a survey of how that went.

Sounds good, eh?  And the check was for…ready for this?  $2,090.00.  My income from it all:  $300 so it didn’t sound too good to be true like we’re always taught to watch out for, know what I mean?  And I could certainly use $300. Another big thing that sold me was that I didn’t have to pay anything to do it.

Okay.  Here was me…excited to have found a way to FINALLY make some extra money.  I called the man whose number was on the letter (because I’m not stupid, after all, well…)   I wanted to make sure it was legitimate.  He gave me the details and told me to call him back after I completed the first assignment.  It felt very Hawaii Five O-ish, like the paper would disintegrate in my hands after I read it.

Quickly, I made a latte to go.  The check had to get there that afternoon, because, after all, “The faster you start the process, Mrs. Hubrich, the quicker you start to make money,” the man explained to me with his Asian accent.  (Hear the bells start to chime a bit?)

I took a sip of my coffee and my brain clattered into submission…finally!  Hmmm… I had to put the check into our account through the ATM and not tell anyone?  That meant I couldn’t go into the bank to make sure it was a good check.  (Hear the bells start to chime a bit louder?) 

But still, I’m excited.  I talked to the representative.  He sounded like a nice guy.  I have nothing against Asian accents.  He wouldn’t pull anything over my eyes.  Yeah, right.  But…I did what I didn’t want to do.  I called my husband and that clear thinking, no-nonsense husband of mine dashed my fast money making scheme quicker than Ricky Ricardo would have dashed Lucy’s. 

The next day I talked to our banker.  She called about the check and it was indeed a scam.  We could have been robbed of all our ‘hundred’ of dollars.  So here I sit, just as poor as   the day before but no poorer. 

The Bible says, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”  (Matthew 10:16 NIV)

I most definitely was not as shrewd as a snake with this wolf of a salesman.  He knew what I wanted: fast money and I played right into his hands.  I was willing to follow his directions, almost to the point of doing it all without even talking to my husband.  

The Bible tells us to wait, not rush into things.  Nothing is usually fast when it comes to God’s plan but His plans are always good.   “They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.  (Isaiah 40:31 ESV)

Isn’t that just like satan to confuse and catch me up in a fast, get rich quick scheme?  It could have very easily ruined my marriage, too.  What I thought would help us out, could have destroyed us. 

Through this experience, I’m reminded to wait and, when I hear even a gentle chime, I will listen and ask God what He wants me to do.  The world is noisy but God’s still small voice can be heard above the clamor, and His voice is all I need.


I am a middle-aged wife of 29 years and mother of three – two adult children and one nineteen-year-old son who has now finished his first year of college and has moved into a shared apartment with friends so he could get a job.  I am now a REAL empty-nester!

My life and the life of my family drastically changed about ten years ago when I developed a headache that never went away and grew in intensity. I was eventually diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension, after an extensive search on my part for an answer.  Living with chronic pain seeks to consume a person’s life; my struggle is to not let it define who I am, and trust me, that is a constant struggle.

I love writing.  God led me to Faithwriters where I have grown my skills and also found my very best friends. I like reaching out in electronic form and giving of myself in my blog, Between the Storms, and a group blog, Jewels of Encouragement, where I am a contributing author and editor.  I’m also contributing author and editor of JournEzine’s Daily Manna:)  My paid job is a teacher’s aide at a high school.   Each day is a challenge but it’s also very exciting and fulfilling. The best part: I get summers off!  and this summer I’m volunteering as one of our authors here at JournEzine and with Linda Kropp, at her store, the Lighthouse Thrift Store. God has given me strength and incredible family and friends to keep me pressing on towards what He has for me.


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