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God, If You Are Home … Pick Up!

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“Thank you for calling God, we appreciate your call. We are experiencing a high call volume, you are caller 125,786. Your expected wait time is 50 years.”

That is a bit of humor there, but I think that sometime in our walk with Christ we feel like God is not listening to our prayers. I have thought that before, and believe it natural when you are going through a spiritual challenge.

The bread and butter of our relationship with God is our faith, and our prayers to him. Praying is the way we maintain our connection with our Heavenly Father. As Christians, we are required to open and two party line with our God. Without prayer, you are missing a crucial component of your spiritual well being. The most important fact about our talks with God is that you believe in those conversations.

In Matthew (21:22), it says: “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” This explains to us that believing in your prayers are of vital importance. Matthew 7:7 states: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Again, this passage reveals that God is awaiting our call to him. But you have to seek him out. God is going to help us, but we have to initiate the conversation.

1st John 3:22 tells us: “… and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him.”

That scripture is spelling it all out for us. If we follow God’s commandments, he will bestow many blessings upon us. We want the opportunity to put our needs before the judge and plead for his help. However, we need to formulate our prayers so that we are speaking clearly to our Father.

This is the place where I tell you that all your prayers may not be answered as you wish. The reason for this is that it’s simply not in God’s plan for us. For many of us we can begin to question our faith, our spirit, our trust in God, or our salvation. I have been there before myself. The thing is that God may answer your prayer but is on his time table not ours. The other thing is that the answer to your prayer is not in God’s plan. That’s why I always end my prayers with, “if it is your will, let it be done.” 

As I stated earlier, there are going to be times of temptation or spiritual weakness that we may wonder if God is listening. Even in those moments of waning faith, the bible tells us clearly that God hears our prayers. It is reassuring that God hears our prayers.

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  James 5:16

God listens to the righteous. So this passage is saying that God hears the prayers of the righteous. It does not say that he will always answer them. That is where faith comes in. You have to remain faithful, even though we might doubt God.  

So from what the Bible teaches us in those three scriptures, we can be assured that God will pick up the phone when we call. You may at times get his voice mail, but do not stop calling. Your calling card never runs out of minutes. You are on the unlimited plan. After you read this go to your prayer closet and call God. If  you are not sure he has picked up then leave a message, but keep on trying to get through, petitioning God as Hannah did.  It will be worth your time and effort. Believe me. Believe Him!


I am retired a 46 year old police officer residing in Nashville, Tennessee. While I am retired, I am currently working toward my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. My hobbies include: Bass Fishing, Scuba Diving, volunteering in different ministries at my church, and woodworking.

My writing has developed over the past couple years, as I have felt a passion to write about the wonders of Christianity and our God. I like to write, because I use it as an extension of my ministry. The articles I write are meant to be uplifting, informative and spiritual. God is so good, and I want to use my writing to reach those people that may be in need of a special message.  Contact Jeff at:

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